Best Night Light Essential Oil Diffusers

You may have seen it at a friend’s house. You might mistake it for an air freshener.

But no, it is a diffuser.

And I’m going to tell you all about the latest bio fashion at home; essential oil diffusers.

Essential oils are natural products, essences extracted from plants that have numerous health benefits. A humidifying diffuser is perfect to enjoy the benefits of these essences, since with it you will enjoy the powers of aromatherapy while avoiding the dryness caused by a dry environment.

In case you don’t know, aromatherapy consists of the use of essential oils extracted from plants in order to improve health and the feeling of physical and mental well-being.

You can incorporate essential oils in many aspects of your daily life, for example, using them for massages or aromatic baths.

You can also fill your home environment with them through humidifiers or essential oil diffusers, and not only will they improve the environment, but they will also promote better breathing in cold or flu-like processes.

Hold on, if you keep reading you will get to know all the benefits of essential oils and humidifying diffusers.

And, of course, what are the best ones you can buy for your own room!

What is aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils for a medical purpose.

Its origin dates back to 1935, when the French chemist René-Maurice Gattefosé made reference to the term for the first time.

However, it had been used for many centuries before since the bad smell has always been associated with the disease, which is why ancient doctors and specialists used incense and perfume to prevent contagion in hospital rooms where there were sick people.

It is also known, as a curious fact, that Hippocrates used fragrance incense sticks to combat the plague in Athens.

There are many studies that support the ability of aromatherapy to influence people’s mood and to improve their health and increase their well-being.

In fact, there is scientific evidence that, for example, lavender essential oil is an ideal antiseptic for someone with airway problems, while basil essential oil is helpful in fighting migraines.

The relationship between humidifiers and aromatherapy has LED these devices to be referred to as aroma diffusers in many places.

It really is a complex issue since not all aroma diffusers are humidifiers nor can all humidifiers diffuse aromas, although most do.

In any case, and taking into account the opinions on humidifiers that I have analyzed during the preparation of this list, it seems clear that the best option is to bet on a model that allows the use of essential oils.

In this way, thanks to it we can give a unique aromatic touch to our home!

In addition, we will also create more relaxed and calm environments, fight infections in the respiratory tract and rest better.

But first, let’s understand more about what we mean by essential oil diffuser

What are essential oil diffusers?

Essential oil diffusers are devices that disperse a mixture of micro particles of water and oils into the environment.

Basically, there are two types of diffusers, those that need water to disperse the particles and those that do not need it.

The vast majority work by ultrasound, which vibrates the water and oil, in such a way that they mix and disperse in the environment.

Besides, diffusers are used in aromatherapy along with essential oils.

One of the ways to take advantage of the benefits of essential oils is by aromatizing a room through a diffuser.

The diffuser works by combining the effect of ultrasonic waves in a solution of water and essential oils, causing millions of micro particles to disperse as an aromatic mist.

In this way, the body can absorb these essential oils and all their benefits.

Regarding the types of diffusers, we can find two groups:

  • Electric diffusers with water. They are powered by ultrasound motors located at the base of the appliance, using a small amount of tap or mineral water.

They have a membrane that vibrates the water allowing the diffusion of essential oils, generating a kind of aromatic mist (not wet).

  • Electric diffusers without water. These diffusers disperse essential oils in clean air, without mixing with other vegetable oils or water.

They give off a cold vapor with the aroma of essential oil, which spreads in the environment and is inhaled very easily.

The products that I will show you below come integrated with a wide variety of LED lights specifically designed to contribute to the relaxation of the environment during night hours.

Yes, if you are one of those people who find it difficult to fall asleep, these devices not only change the environment in your room, but also contribute to giving you the rest you deserve with their dim lights!

Top Night Light Essential Oil Diffuser

BlueHills Essential oil diffuser

This BlueHills night light essential oil diffuser is available in two sizes (150 ml and 300 ml).

Its timer allows its operation to be programmed for up to 10 hours and it has a very elegant design that simulates the aesthetics of wood.

In addition, it has an aromatherapy function and supports the use of essential oils. Its 7-color LED lamp can be dimmed manually or let it work automatically.

ZERO&MOOD Aromatherapy device

This humidifier with adjustable timer in 1, 3 and 6 hours has a 400 ml water tank and an aroma diffuser, so it can also be used as an air freshener.

In addition, it can be placed in constant mode and has a fog function. It is very quiet and generates very low energy consumption.

Its design is really modern and attractive and it has LED lights with 7 color variations.

URPOWER LED Essential oil diffuser

It has a 6-liter water tank that allows it to be used continuously for 20-36 hours.

In addition, it releases steam at a maximum of 500 ml / h, more than enough quantity to regulate the environment of large rooms.

It is also very quiet since it only emits 36 dB at full capacity and has a remote control.

As if that were not enough, it has an LED screen that allows you to control the device comfortably and it has an adjustable fog function on three levels, very useful to neutralize mites and bacteria present in the environment.

 Homeweeks Portable Oil Diffuser

It has a very elegant and original design in color and includes a remote control that allows you to adjust its operation from the comfort of bed or sofa.

It includes a 400 ml tank, which is enough to provide autonomy of between 4 and 10 hours.

Also, it includes 2 fog modes and 7 colored LED lights. It is perfect for aromatherapy and has a safety mechanism designed for babies.

Tenswall’s Night Lamp Oil Diffuser

This ultrasonic humidifier stands out, first of all, for having a remote control that allows it to be controlled remotely.

Its 300 ml tank offers between 3 and 6 hours of autonomy depending on the intensity at which it is activated.

It allows the use of essential oils and is very quiet.

In addition, it includes 7 different colored LED lights, so it can even be used as a lamp to create cozy atmospheres.

TaoTronics 3 in 1

This device is considered the best night light essential oil diffuser for babies!


Well, it has a 4-liter capacity water tank, which gives it an autonomy of up to 15 hours.

In addition, it allows you to regulate the volume of your steam flow and select a desired percentage of ambient humidity.

And this is done comfortably through its LED display!

This TaoTronics humidifier also features an antibacterial water filter and charges the air with magnesium and calcium ions to make the steam healthier.

Asakuki Essential Oil Diffuser

This Smart humidifier can send out the amount of moisture we need in the environment to avoid irritation of the skin, chapped lips and dry and chapped hands.

It can also help eliminate bad odors and provide fresh air. It has a remote control to control the humidifier, which can save you a little of your time.

In addition, it has a large water storage capacity (300 ml), it can work from 3 to 6 hours, emitting an approximate humidity of 20 to 30ml / hour.

Also, it has the Auto-Off function that activates as soon as the liquid runs out!

LED Essential oil diffuser lamp, by COOSA

The COOSA humidifier is designed for a compact and stylish appearance with a hollow outer shell, so it can be easily carried in a pocket or bag, making it perfect for traveling.

Made of BPA free materials, this professional humidifier is healthy for both pregnant women and babies.

In addition, the combination of an ultrasonic diffuser and essential oils is an excellent option to improve the quality of sleep, relieve discomfort and eliminate anxiety.

It works at a speed of 23db, relaxing and silent, it will not bother you, your baby or your pet.

Moreover, when the water runs out for 5 seconds, it closes automatically to ensure safety and protection.

Natrogix’s Essential Oil diffuser

This aromatherapy humidifier can clean your living space and increase the air quality in your room.

The humidification process adds essential hydration and alleviates dry skin conditions. It has a remote control, which is very easy to control.

It also performs the function of aroma diffuser, it has 7 selectable light colors.

It should be noted that this humidifier uses certified safety materials, 100% BPA free, it can improve the air quality and atmosphere of gym, yoga, room.

VicTsing Essential Oil Diffuser

The wireless design of these humidifiers offers the possibility of taking it to any room without cable.

Strongly dispenses mist to help relieve dry skin, breathe better, sleep more, and improve health.

It has two built-in rechargeable batteries, and you can use it for 5 hours after a full charge.

Also, it has a large capacity water storage tank (1 liter), which can humidify continuously for 14 hours.

TOMNEW’s Essential Oil Diffuser for Babies

The Tomnew humidifier integrates the humidifier and the diffuser of essential oils in a single device.

Powerful, long-lasting mist helps moisturize the dry air in your room, improve the quality of your sleep, moisturize your skin, and relieve discomfort.

You can directly add several drops of essential oil to the water tank and enjoy a long lasting fragrance at once.

It is designed in one piece, making it easy to recharge and clean, and it’s ideal for babies!

 Aroma Outfitters 3D Crystal Diffuser

Like the elegantly crafted 3D essential oil diffusers that work after a few days, the Aroma Outfitters 3D Crystal Galaxy Diffuser is designed with great attention to detail to help you create the most relaxing environment in your space.

The powerful essential oil humidifier combined with the LED metering lights will allow you to enjoy a luxurious 5-star spa experience in the comfort of your home!

InnoGear’s Aromatherapy Diffuser

Are you looking for a quiet place where you can abstract from the world for a while?

You can do it with this diffuser that allows you to take it anywhere thanks to its compact size and 1.8-liter capacity.

In addition, it can also be used as a lamp and choose between its 3 lighting intensities.

It has a compartment with essences to create a pleasant atmosphere and a timer for the nebulizer and the lamp with remote control.


If you want everyone in your home to benefit from aromatherapy in the most economical and pleasant way, get an essential oil diffuser!

Each of these essences has a certain effect on the body: they provide relaxation, reduce stress, improve mood and provide a general feeling of well-being…

But also, this alternative therapy can be effective in treating physical problems, such as arthritis, pain head or stomach disorders.

If curiosity has piqued you and you want to take advantage of all the properties of aromatherapy, you can take a look at the list above and choose the best one for you!


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